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Spicy Salad Microgreen Mix

A mix of arugula, mustard, kohlrabi, red cabbage, kale, and broccoli microgreens

The cabbage microgreens in this mix reported a shocking 260 times the amount of provitamin A & 28.6 times the amount of lutein carotenoid when compared to its mature leaves. 

The arugula microgreens in this spicy salad mix deliver a significant amount of Vitamin K. Vitamin K supports your body by clotting your blood & making proteins for healthy bones and tissues. 

Mustard adds bone building calcium and phosphorous, iron for cell function, metabolizing manganese, immune supporting zinc. & omega-3 fatty acids which may  lower blood pressure.


Kohlrabi microgreens provide more antioxidants to this micromix- helping the body defend against free radicals. They also provide over 100% of daily recommended Vitamin C.  

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