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Caprese Prosciutto Sandwich with Melon Microgreens

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This sandwich is our take on the classic Italian tradition of melon and prosciutto. We add a microgreen twist by using melon microgreens to fill in for the cantaloupe and spicy salad microgreens for a complementary kick. Fresh mozzarella, tomato, and basil aioli join in for a truly memorable sandwich.

Ingredients: (Makes 1)

- ciabatta bread (enough for one sandwich)

- basil aioli (or normal aioli with loose leaves of basil)

- slices of prosciutto

- Slices of tomato

- slices of fresh buffalo mozzarella

- spicy salad microgreens

- cantaloupe melon microgreens

- any other microgreens or greens that you desire (the image above uses purple roach microgreens)

  1. Slice ciabatta bread in half

  2. Slather on the basil aioli on one or both sides of the bread

  3. Add slices of prosciutto on one of the ciabatta slices

  4. Pile on tomato and mozzarella onto the other ciabatta slice

  5. Sprinkle with melon and spicy salad microgreens

  6. Stack each side of the sandwich and take a bite!

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