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25 Ways to Eat Tiny Trees Microgreens

Updated: Jan 6

Wondering how you can add microgreens to your meals? Take a look at our list of food we love to dress up with veggie confetti.


1. Pizza

Who knew pizza could deliver such vital nutrients! Sprinkle some microgreens on top of your pie for health-positive pizza!! Try a classic pepperoni pizza with our broccoli microgreens or a classy flatbread with arugula microgreens- the star of our spicy salad mix.


2. Salad

A classic meal for all microgreens. Sprinkle your microgreens on top of a full grown salad or let your microgreens be the main event. Pile them high before adding complimenting toppings. Microgreens add bursts of flavor and color with lively shapes and textures to any salad. For a real party, try all of your microgreens together in one salad. Peas, radish, arugula, kale, broccoli, onions , melon- all wonderful highlights to a salad. Let your creativity run wild while your health skyrockets.


3. Curries

All of the classic vegetables in your favorite curry dishes will go great with microgreens. Most curries go great with our pea and broccoli microgreens. Radish adds a delicious kick to sweeter curries like a Massaman curry. The mustard in our spicy salad mix will highlight many curries as well. Add some crunch to this iconically creamy dish.


4. Tacos & Burritos

Here at Tiny Trees Microgreens we believe anything can be made into a taco. Boost your taco game to new heights by experimenting with different microgreens as a filling. Radish is a reliably delicious microgreen to sprinkle on a taco or mix into a burrito. Broccoli and onion microgreens are also a great idea for some fresh green crunch. Also try sprinkling some micros on some nachos!


5. Pastas

Mix some microgreens into your favorite pasta sauce or sprinkle them on top of your noodles with some parmesan cheese for a soul soothing meal loaded with key nutrients for your body. Broccoli microgreens go great with vodka cream sauce. Pesto can be highlighted with spicy salad microgreens and a little lemon. Add onion microgreens to a simple garlic and butter topping. Or add a little bite to your marinara with some radish, as seen above.


6. Stir Frys & Noodles

You can get so many of the classic stir-fry veggies in their micro versions here at Tiny Trees Microgreens. Pea shoots, broccoli, radish, mustard greens, cabbage, and kohlrabi microgreens are all ready to elvate your rice and noodles.


7. Spring Rolls

Adding spectacular color and memorable flavor to your spring rolls has never been easier with microgreens. Microgreens are easy to pack into a loaded roll like the one above. Look out for our vibrant pink microgreens coming soon! Amaranth and beet will bring shocking magenta to your spring roll palette. Also try our colorful radish mix which will deliver psychedelic purples and pinks. Our spicy salad is another great option with it's lavender stems and peppery greens. Other great flavor additions include melon, onion, and pea shoots.


8. Smoothies & Fresh Juice

If you are going to drink your veggies, why not drink the micro, super-food versions? If you're looking for a quick shot of liquid plant vitamins- throw your microgreens into a juicer and drink. To add some mega-health benefits to your morning, try a microgreen smoothie! For a hit of vitamin C try broccoli, melon, or radish mix. Vitamin K can be found in peas, onions, or broccoli. Spicy-salad mix deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin A. For Vitamin E throw in some radish or pea. Look out for amaranth microgreens (coming soon) to add some enchanting magenta color to your drinks. Melon adds sweetness, while radish brings a little heat. Super greens and peas have an earthy green taste.


9. Egg/Potato/Chicken/Tuna Salad

Take any of these picnic classics to the next level by mixing in some tiny green buds. Stir some tiny trees directly into the egg, potato, chicken, or tuna and/or sprinkle them on before slapping on the bread.


10. Meat & Seafood

Keto friends can rejoice with microgreens- packed with loads of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals with only 0-2gs of carbs. Drizzle your favorite microgreens over your favorite proteins for a fancy feeling meal catered to your nutritional and dietary needs. With eating out less of a potential these days, bring the restaurant feeling to you with microgreens.


11. Drinks

Trying to make a night in feel fancy and exotic? Decorate your drinks with a few tiny tree microgreens. Add some fresh life to your boozy libations or your tea, lemonade, or kombucha. This month we are putting our melon microgreens in all of our drinks. Melon tiny trees pair well with champagne, sweet white wines, sake, and ginger or lemon flavored beverages.,


12. Eggs

Start your day with a hefty dose of vitamins and carotenoids by mixing microgreens in your morning eggs. Microgreens can be sprinkled on top of a sunny side up egg, over an egg Benedict (try this with our spicy salad mix), mixed in with some scrambled eggs, or folded into an omelette (great with a few long pea shoots). Onion microgreens are a great sprinkle or ingredient for deviled eggs while radish shoots are perfect for breakfast tacos.


13. Ground into powder

Microgreens can be dehydrated without loosing any of its nutritional value. If you happen to have a dehydrator you can dehydrate your microgreens and grind them into a superfood powder or a nutrient dense dry spice. Once in powder form you can easily mix into smoothies or beverages or season your food. Dehydrate some spicy salad mix to make a mustardy flavoring for jerkies. Or dehydrate some chive microgreens for a oniony powder you can mix into fresh yogurt or sour cream for an oniony dip. Try dehydrating some melon microgreens to throw in a fruit leather. If you don't have a fancy dehydrator, don't fret- microgreen superpowder available for purchase soon at Tiny Trees Microgreens, LLC.


14. Soup

Microgreens look beautiful on top of a soup. Microgreen garnish helps liven up a cozy meal. Try these fall combinations: cream of potato with curly pea shoots, butternut squash with radish, split pea with onion microgreens.


15. Sandwich/Wraps

One of the most common uses of microgreens is piled high on a sandwich. Spicy salad, broccoli, and radish are fool proof additions to most sandwiches, The arugula in our spicy salad mix is a great compliment to roast beef, mozzarella, or turkey. Take a risk with melon microgreens on a sandwich, they add delightful freshness with the slightest fruity sweetness. Try our prosciutto caprese sandwich with melon and spicy salad microgreens. If you're feeling particularly gutsy, throw some melon microgreens in between a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! You won't believe how delicious this balance of flavors is until you try it!


16. Toast/Bagel

Two morning favorites among microgreen enthusiasts: an open faced bagel, and avocado toast. See how many interesting combinations you can create when you sprinkle some microgreen magic on your morning bread. Don't be shy, post that colorful creation to instagram! Use the hashtag #tinytreesmicrogreens for the opportunity to be featured in this blog or on our instagram page. While you're at it- make sure you are subscribed to @tinytreesmicrogreens on insta <3


17. Sauces/Dip

Feeling saucy? Well, believe it or not, microgreens are an easy ingredient to transform into a decadent dip or sauce. Any microgreen can be easily made into a delicious pesto to drizzle over pasta, flatbreads, or chicken. Check back often for more superfood dip recipes across the season: broccoli artichoke dip coming this winter, pea hummus in spring, and radish guacamole arriving in summer.


18. Burgers & Hot Dogs

Bring microgreens along to your next grilling venture! Any burger, hotdog or patty goes great with a hefty pile of microgreens piled on top of it. The mustard greens in our salad mix are a great compliment to anything you might throw on that classic American bun. Veggie burgers, chicken patty, Tofurky dog- try them all! You can also add microgreens to your burger pattys themselves if your cooking from scratch. (See #22)


19. Mac n Cheese

We thought Mac n cheese deserved its own category (even though it's technically a pasta). Turn this famous comfort food into a superfood with nutrient-packed microgreens! Onion microgreens are the perfect addition to a good Mac. So make sure you check out our recipe here. Also try adding some broccoli microgreens to the party, or some radish for a peppery bite.


20. Bowls

Bring some extra sass to your veggie bowls. Bowls are a perfect place to show case your colorful microgreens. Mix in as many flavors as you can to get a nutritional dream of vitamins and minerals with this veggie extravaganza!! All of our microgreens are fantastic when mixed into a veggie bowl. Show us your creations on instagram and Facebook with the tag #tinytreesmicrogreens


21. Meatballs/ Meat Patties

Microgreens can be added to any meatball or meat patty when you chop them up and stir them into your ground meat before rolling them up to be baked or thrown on the grill. Add microgreens to meatballs, chicken burgers, or even falafel!


22. Baked Dishes

Did you know you could bake with microgreens as well? Just add them to your favorite baked dish and see what they taste like cooked! See what a dish tastes like when you replace the key vegetable ingredients with their micro version. Just make sure you use enough microgreens. A typical serving size of microgreens is 25g. However, you might try adding more as they shrink when cooked. Try a radishy frittata, or a broccoli packed spanakopita, or try a pot pie loaded with pea microgreens!


23. Dessert

Who knew you could add greens to your dessert without it taking like grass! If your feeling gutsy, try adding some microgreens into your beloved desserts. Our melon microgreens add a seductive, subtle melon flavor to any treat (like the lemon muffin pictured above).


24. Sushi & Poke

We would be amiss not sharing the wondrous combination of microgreens with sushi or poke. The fresh taste of raw fish is picked up beautifully with our raw veggie shoots. Sprinkle some radish on top of your sushi or poke bowl or roll your ingredients up with some onion microgreens or spicy salad in a hand roll.


25. Snacks & Apps

Add some microgreens when you're feeling snack-y! Sprinkle some tiny shoots on any appetizer or midnight munchy for a guilt-free boost of nutrition. Try microgreens on nachos, sprinkled on chicken wings, or give them a role in a charcuterie board. Lay out little piles of micros along side your bread, cheeses, and fine meats.



If you felt inspired to make your own microgreen dish, please share it with us #tinytreesmicrogreens for a chance to be featured on our social media pages and future blogs.

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