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Welcome To TheTiny Trees Greenhouse!



Tiny Trees microgreens are grown with the future of our planet in mind. It is our intention to protect Mother Earth by growing produce that uses a conservative amount of her precious resources.    


  • Our greenhouse allows us to take advantage of natural sunlight to reduce electricity usage.

  • Our plants are distributed in compostable packaging to eliminate waste. 

  • We save water by growing low-maintenance microgreens (they use up to 236 times less water than adult vegetables!).

Safe Farming Procedures

We are committed to growing your microgreens plant with pure ingredients from trustworthy sources. We use:


To protect your plant from pathogens and pests we use:

  • An organic soil inoculant called Plant Success

  • Food-grade hydrogen peroxide to sterilize our seeds 

  • Organic, microbial insecticide called Mosquito Bits to eliminate fungus gnat infestation. This insecticide contains the naturally occurring bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis which is deadly to fungus gnat larvae while posing no threat to mammals.

We leave you in charge of harvesting (trimming) your greens to minimize the spread of air-borne contaminants. When you trim the stems of your microgreens, they will only be exposed to the particles in your private space. 

**Please rinse your microgreens before consuming them to maximize safety.

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