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Learn the Origin Story of how Tiny Trees, LLC got Started. 



Our Story

A word from creator, Lexi Korneitchouk

"I started Tiny Trees Microgreens in response to the fear around food availability that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, paired with the destabilizing effect of climate change. Motivated to find sustainable ways of growing my own produce, I began growing microgreens. Microgreens connected me to a feeling of harmony and abundance that I felt eager to share with my community.


Plants have always helped me feel grounded and humbled by the passage of time. They remind me that growth is still occurring even when it is happening so slowly that things appear frozen and still. When my microgreens surprise me with new growth- I am invited to recognize all that is alchemized underneath the surface. Understanding that plants invite this valuable reminder- it felt important to make eadible micorgreen plants available to our healing world."

We named our microgreens after trees; a plant poetically gifted in demonstrating harmony and the movement of time. Trees are among the oldest living things in our world. They extend their branches over thousands of years to serve the creatures of this planet. Their ancient and sturdy roots create trusting structure for a sustainable future. We hope our Tiny Trees live up to their name by benefiting as many people in our community as possible for years to come. 


Meet The Team


Lexi Korneitchouk

(Creator, Lead Farmer)

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.44.42 PM.png

Alison Arams 



Rachel Frank

(Graphic Designer)

Our Mission

To provide live microgreens to the community in the hopes of empowering individuals to eat sustainably and connect with the natural world around them.


Our Vision

For all people to develop deeper connections with their food, bodies, and planet by hosting live, edible microgreen plants. 

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