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Our Story

A word from creator, Lexi Korneitchouk

"I started Tiny Trees Microgreens in response to the fear around food availability that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, paired with the destabilizing effect of climate change. Motivated to find sustainable ways of growing my own produce, I began growing microgreens. Microgreens connected me to a feeling of harmony and abundance that I felt eager to share with my community."



We named our microgreens after trees hoping they live up to the name. Trees perfectly demonstrate harmony, sturdiness, and vitality. They are among the oldest living things in our world, extending their branches over hundreds of years to serve the creatures of this planet. Their ancient and sturdy roots create trusting structure for a sustainable future.


Although our trees are "tiny"- they have the ability to deliver an unbeatably potent dose of vital nutrition while using a radically conservative amount of Earth's precious resources. In response to the growing needs of today's world- we hope the resiliency and sustainability of microgreens grant them integration into the modern diet.  


Our Mission

To provide tasty microgreens to the community in the hopes of empowering individuals to eat sustainably and connect with the natural world around them.


Our Vision

For all people to develop deeper connections with their food, bodies, and planet through a diet of fresh, nutritious microgreens. 

Our Farm

Our grow space is called "the Treehouse," a tiny urban farm that resides in lovely West Seattle. The Treehouse hosts thousands of tiny trees grown using fully climate-controlled, vertical growing methods. 

Our farm is herbicide and pesticide free and uses only energy-efficient LED lights to grow our product. Any plastic in our farm is reused indefinitely. 


Our Impact

We save a radical amount of water by growing low-maintenance microgreens (they use up to 236 times less water than adult vegetables!).​

By only delivering to our neighbors we reduce environmentally costly food miles. When you support our local farm you are helping take pressure off of countless, resource- depleting supply lines. 

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering your microgreens at their peak of freshness. They will arrive within just a day of being freshly harvested. 

All of our packaging is made of compostable materials (even the sticker label!). Rest assured, we will not be bringing any plastics into your kitchen. 


Fresh. Local. Sustainable.

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