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Hey Neighbor! Have You Heard of Microgreens?


Microgreens are miniature versions of the vegetables and herbs that are already part of your diet.  

Microgreens deliver health benefits that no other plant food can! 

   Microgreens carry up to 40 times more vitamins and minerals than full grown vegetables and herbs. Click here to learn more about their unbeatable nutritional benefits.

Adding nutrient-dense veggies to your diet has never been easier! 

   Sprinkle microgreens on all of your favorite meals for added nutrition, flavor, and color.  Check out our post 25 Ways to Eat Microgreens to get started!  

Microgreens are grown in abundance without abusing natural resources.

Click Here to learn how sustainable it is to add microgreens to your diet. 

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Exciting News!

Tiny Trees Microgreens will soon be available for pick-up at Urban Earth Nursery! Urban Earth Nursery is a magical garden oasis in Fremont that sells indoor and outdoor plants. You can bypass your delivery fee and pick up your weekly microgreen subscription at Urban Earth. Don't forget to browse their jungle during your stop!

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